Utilizing a $1 million EERE investment, heat from geothermal fluids—a byproduct of gold mining—will be generating electricity this year for less than $0.06 per kilowatt hour with ElectraTherm's new plug-and-play technology. Building on this first-of-its-kind success, this emission-free electricity is the first in the nation to be generated from cost-free geothermal brine at a mine operation, and the technology has the potential for extremely broad application in many parts of the country, including oil and gas operations. The ribbon-cutting event in late April at the Florida Canyon Mine, Nevada, marked the beginning of another promising clean energy commercial enterprise.

The Geothermal Technologies Office researches, develops, and validates innovative and cost-competitive technologies and tools to locate, access, and develop geothermal resources in the United States.

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) success stories highlight the positive impact of its work with businesses, industry partners, universities, research labs, and other entities.

Positive Impact

Cost-free geothermal brine brings an additional revenue stream with broad applications nationwide.


Florida Canyon Mine, Nevada



EERE Investment

$1 million

Clean Energy Sector

Renewable electricity generation