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GATEWAY conducts field evaluations of high-performance SSL products to collect empirical data and document experience with field installations. Real-world installations often reveal product limitations and application issues that are not apparent from laboratory testing.

DOE shares the results of completed GATEWAY evaluations, publishing detailed reports and briefs on completed projects. GATEWAY typically documents pre- and post-installation light levels, color characteristics, energy use, and other performance attributes, and addresses application and maintenance of SSL products. In some cases, GATEWAY returns to projects after months or years of operation to take additional site measurements or remove luminaires and send to accredited laboratories for testing. While not possible for every project, such follow-up measurements have yielded useful data on dirt depreciation, color shift, luminous intensity distribution changes, and lumen depreciation over time.

As the SSL market has matured, GATEWAY has transitioned its evaluations to focus on emerging characteristics and applications of SSL systems, such as OLED-based luminaires and color-tunable products, as well as long-term product performance. GATEWAY findings identify technology challenges and spur continued advances in SSL technology, product design, and application. They also provide independent, third-party data for use in decision making by lighting manufacturers, users, and other professionals.

Current Results

GATEWAY Archives

  • Indoor projects include classroom, healthcare, and office installations.
  • Outdoor projects include street, roadway, parking, and pathway lighting
  • Special reports take a closer look at specific topics of interest, such as dimming, controls, and color maintenance.