Improved Light Extraction for a 130 lm/W OLED Lighting Panel

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Lead Performer: Pixelligent Technologies LLC – Baltimore, MD
DOE Total Funding: $1,050,000
Project Term: May 28, 2019 ­– May 27, 2021
Funding Type: SBIR

Project Objective

This project proposes to advance the relevant materials science used to create internal extraction layers for use in organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels, by studying the fundamental principles of light extraction applied to high-refractive-index layers that are embedded with scattering particles. At present, OLEDs are limited by low light-extraction efficiency, even though they have very high internal light-production efficiency. Achievement of the project’s goals will allow OLED panels and, eventually, luminaires to have general-illumination product efficiencies comparable to, or better than, competitive LED luminaires, but with more-desirable color and form factor and lower cost. The project will include the creation and characterization of advanced structures and the evaluation of their performance in a well-characterized OLED device manufactured by OLEDWorks. The goal of the current project, which is Phase II, is to make an OLED with > 130 lm/W at 2700 K – 3000 K and 3,000 cd/m2.

Project Impact

It is hoped that this light-extraction materials development effort will produce pathways to overcome a major challenge to the widespread manufacture and commercial-scale production of OLED panels used for general illumination.


DOE Technology Manager: Brian Walker,​
Lead Performer: Selina Monickam, Pixelligent Technologies LLC