This report, written by H2 Technology Consulting under contract with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, provides an introduction to and overview of the recommended best practices in making measurements of the hydrogen storage properties of materials. Sections 1-5 (published in February 2012), Section 6 (published in February 2013), and Section 7 (published in January 2016) are posted in separate documents below. The goal in developing this report was to create a reference guide of common methodologies and protocols for measuring critical performance properties of advanced hydrogen storage materials and to serve as a resource to the hydrogen storage materials development community to aid in clearly communicating the relevant performance properties of new materials as they are discovered and tested.

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Kinetics Measurements
  • Section 3: Capacity Measurements
  • Section 4: Thermodynamic Measurements
  • Section 5: Cycle-Life Measurements
  • Section 6: Thermal Properties Measurements
  • Section 7: Mechanical Properties Measurements