Washington State University of Pullman, Washington, has won the Hydrogen Education Foundation's 2014 Hydrogen Student Design Contest. The contest, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is aligned with DOE's efforts to work with the public, academic and energy institutions, to ensure that students and the workforce are equipped with the skills and training they need to lead the clean energy economy. This year, teams were challenged to design a transportable, containerized, cost-effective hydrogen fueling station solution for areas of initial low demand.

Contest participants included 14 teams of students from the United States, Egypt, India, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, and China. Representatives from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and industry announced Washington State University as the Grand Prize Winner, their second award in the history of the contest. An honorable mention award was also given to the well-deserved team from Humboldt State University, making it their third award.

As part of their award, the team from Washington State University received a trip to the ACT Expo 2014 in Long Beach, California, to present their design in front of industry representatives. The designs of the two winning teams will also be featured in an issue of the International Journal for Hydrogen Energy.

Previous contest winners attracted the funding necessary for project implementation; a hydrogen fueling station at Humboldt State University was opened on September 9, 2008, based on their winning design in the 2005 contest.

Visit the Hydrogen Student Design Contest website to learn more about the contest and how to get involved.