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The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provides agencies with information and materials to help them—and the myriad of organizations within agencies—shift their behavior in an effort to save energy and resources now and in the long term.

Institutional change integrates behavior with technologies and policies, recognizing that all three need to align to make a significant and lasting difference. This evidence-based guidance in this section draws from social-science literature and real-world experience.

Institutional Change Basics
Describes how technology, policy, and behavior can be integrated to make new practices typical in agency operations.
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Institutional Change Principles
Eight principles serve as the foundational building blocks for developing strategies to achieve institutional change.
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Case Studies
Browse case studies of successful federal projects.
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Institutional Change Process
Five-step process establishes institutional change in an effort to achieve agency energy and water efficiency goals.
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Explore resources to help agencies achieve institutional change in their organizations.
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Key Resources

Report describes how the Federal Energy Management Program can use communities of practice to support energy and water conservation efforts.
Report assesses the use of institutional change principles through interviews with 22 Federal Energy and Water Management Award winners.
Report outlines conceptual frameworks and concepts related to context-specific rules, roles and tools for sustainability.
Report documents methods with evidence of success in changing use behaviors and enabling occupants to effectively interact with new technologies.

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