Did you know?

Federal project facilitators also assist with utility energy service contract and ESPC ENABLE projects.

The following are U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) approved project facilitators who are required under the DOE indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract to develop federal energy savings performance contracts.

Name Agencies Served
Daniel Clements All agencies
Dr. Joe Davis All agencies
Steve Dunnivant All agencies
David Frank All agencies
Marc Fyrberg All agencies
Thomas Gamon All agencies
Ruth Gay All agencies
Kirk Glazer All agencies
Timi Goebel All agencies
Steve Grumbach All agencies
Ayla Haig All agencies
Chris Halpin All agencies
Sulaiman Harris All Agencies
Steve Hegstrom All Agencies
Mike Holda All agencies
Tony Karwoski All agencies
Andrew AJ Kindya All agencies
David Tony Mayfield All agencies
Michelle Molloy All Agencies
Michael Mungal All Agencies
Robert Nolan All agencies
Steven Norris All agencies
Mark Stetz All agencies
James Pagliaro All agencies
David John Plis All agencies
Ilya Reyngold All agencies
Wilson Reynolds All agencies
Michael Stevens All Agencies
Priya Stiller All Agencies
Kevin Warner All agencies
Steve Wells All agencies
Robert Whitney All Agencies
Dave Wyllie All agencies
Dean Andrews U.S. Air Force
Mark Dent U.S. Air Force
Jacob LaCourse U.S. Air Force
Tom Laney U.S. Air Force
Frank Pucciano U.S. Air Force
Michael Ringenberg U.S. Air Force
Rick Sunday U.S. Air Force
Paul Wenner U.S. Air Force
Jesse Maestas U.S. Coast Guard
Gene Crank U.S. Navy
Randy Duncan U.S. Navy
David Hamada U.S. Navy
Eric Hernandez U.S. Navy
Max Hogan U.S. Navy
Michael K. Smith U.S. Navy
Beverly Wade U.S. Navy

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