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Take a tour of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's energy-efficient data center in the Research Support Facility. Read the case study.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) encourages agencies and organizations to improve data center energy efficiency in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget's Smart Cloud Strategy and M-16-19 Memorandum.

Data centers offer a tremendous opportunity for energy and cost savings.

FEMP helps agencies construct and maintain energy-efficient data centers by providing resources through its Center of Expertise (CoE) for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers and encouraging participation in the Better Buildings Challenge and Data Center Accelerator.

Read FEMP's Data Center Energy Efficiency fact sheet.

CoE for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
Website provides information and technical support for data center efficiency projects.
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CoE - Data Center Energy Efficiency Toolkit
This section of the CoE identifies energy efficiency opportunities in data centers using CoE's tools.
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CoE - Technologies
This section of the CoE offers tips for improving technology performance or purchasing new.
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Better Buildings Challenge
Become a partner by committing to improving building and industrial efficiency by 20% or more over 10 years.
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Case Studies
Browse case studies of successful federal projects.
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CoE - Activities
This section of the CoE shows the full-range of activities that the CoE engages in to support data center efficiency.
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CoE - Small Data Centers
This section of the CoE features a decision tree and resources to assist with overcoming unique obstacles.
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CoE - Training
This section of the CoE features webinars and the Data Center Energy Practitioner schedule.
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Better Buildings Accelerator
Become a partner by committing to reducing the infrastructure energy intensity of one or more data centers by 25% over a five-year period.
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Key Resources

Fact sheet describes how the Federal Energy Management Program helps federal agencies implement data center energy efficiency projects.
Fact sheet describes deployment of an innovative thermosyphon cooler as a test bed on the roof of a National Renewable Energy Laboratory facility.
Early-stage scoping tools diagnose how energy use is distributed in data centers and determine ways to save energy and money.
Spreadsheet provides the potential for reducing the supply airflow rate and increasing the supply air temperature.
Comprehensive list of recommended efficiency actions for data centers.
Guide helps data center operators implement a metering system that gathers data for efficiency improvements.
Guide provides an overview of best practices for energy-efficient data center design.
Report describes energy efficiency opportunities in federal high-performance computing data centers.
Guide explains benefits of dashboards to track energy use in federal data centers and discusses dashboard content useful for energy management.
Guide details energy efficiency system strategies and measurements for U.S. Department of Energy high performance computing data center facilities.
Fact sheet describes how the National Snow and Ice Data Center reduced cooling energy use with airside economization and indirect evaporative cooling.
Fact sheet describes the U.S. Department of Energy Savannah River Site data center retro-commissioning project.
Web page features data center documents, case studies, presentations, and more.
Database includes case studies highlighting successful federal agency implementation of energy- and water-efficient measures and technologies.

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