The U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition 2021 will be governed and adjudicated by the CWC 2021 Rules and Requirements document, which is intended to establish fair contest rules and requirements. In the case of a discrepancy with other competition materials or communication, this document takes precedence. The organizers reserve the right to change contest criteria, rules, and measurable outcomes as needed.

While teams work on their deliverables, principal investigators, co-principal investigators, graduate student advisors, and members of industry secured by each team for support can provide feedback about the team’s design so the students can identify fatal flaws, prove technical rigor, or demonstrate feasibility of their concept. However, only undergraduate student team members may take an active role in any competition event. It is the role of the non-student team members to provide a supportive environment and the educational background necessary for the students to achieve success in the competition. It is not appropriate for anyone other than an undergraduate student to be actively working on a turbine or making decisions.

In addition, teams are encouraged to bring to our attention rules that are unclear, misguided, or in need of improvement. The organizers will seriously consider suggestions if they are feasible and are intended to improve the competition, its rules, measurable outcomes, fairness, or precision.

Read the full rules and requirements: