The 2021 Collegiate Wind Competition was held as a virtual event June 2–11, 2021. Thirteen competing teams presented their work to a remote panel of judges via webinar, with The Pennsylvania State University claiming top honors.

2021 Collegiate Wind Competition Teams

The 2021 competition challenged teams to research, design, and build a turbine for deployment in highly uncertain times with a great degree of unknown risks and delays. The 2021 competition also featured a new Connection Creation Contest, in which teams conducted outreach within the wind industry, their local communities, and local media outlets.

Details on the 2021 competition are available in the CWC 2021 Rules and Requirements.

Brigham Young University
CWC enables the BYU CWC Team to build a stronger cohort of engineers who are interested in wind energy.
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California State University Maritime Academy
The Cal Maritime Team seeks an opportunity for members to gain experience in wind energy, which has tremendous potential and a promising job market.
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California Polytechnic State University
Cal Poly Wind Power are excited to incorporate the knowledge they have gained from classes and learn more about careers in the wind industry.
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Johns Hopkins University
The Hopkins Student Wind Energy Team was created to provide students the opportunity to gain experience in renewable energy through CWC.
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James Madison University
Dukes Clean Energy is participating in CWC to gain real-world experience, expand our knowledge, and prepare to enter the wind energy workforce.
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Kansas State University
Wildcat Wind Power involves students in the application and development of wind energy and exposes them to the wind industry through CWC.
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Northern Arizona University
For AeroAXE NAU, CWC is the first step into the wind industry and the world of renewable energy.
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Pennsylvania State University
CWC will give Penn State Wind Energy Club real-world experience, technical knowledge, and meaningful wind energy industry connections.
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Texas Tech University
Techsan Wind is competing because of the practical knowledge the team will gain throughout CWC.
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University of Maryland
The University of Maryland Wind TERPines are excited to bring their passion for engineering and renewable energy to CWC.
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University of Wisconsin– Madison
Participating in CWC allows WiscWind members from various fields of knowledge to work together, solve problems, and learn more about renewable energy.
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Virginia Tech University
CWC is an amazing opportunity for the Wind Turbine Team to gain technical/communication experience and exposure to the wind industry.
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Washington State University-Everett
Everett Wind Energy Team is eager to participate in CWC to gain hands-on experience with advanced technology in the wind energy industry.
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Learn-Along Teams

Learn-along teams are a new feature of the 2021 competition.

Learn-along teams may submit the same deliverables and receive feedback on submitted projects from competition judges. These teams are not eligible for awards, but the learn-along feature allows students to participate in the competition experience and establish a deeper understanding of the wind industry and the competition.

University of Colorado Boulder

The CU Boulder Wind Energy Team is participating in the CWC to utilize their engineering skills while sharpening their professional skills. Learn More

University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming is excited to participate in the CWC for the first time in 2021 as a learn-along team. The team has focused on the wind energy project development aspect of the competition this year to develop siting experience that will be useful for future competitions.


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