The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the winners of the 2022 Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC) on May 19.

The full list of winners is below:

The 2022 U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition focused on the challenges associated with fixed-bottom offshore wind projects. By participating in the 2022 competition, students developed the skills, experience, and industry connections that will help them break into the growing offshore wind energy industry and the wider renewable energy industry.

Twelve competing teams and four learn-along teams participated in the 2022 CWC, which took place May 16–18 in conjunction with the American Clean Power Association’s CLEANPOWER 2022 Conference & Exhibition in San Antonio.

2022 Competing Teams

Brigham Young University
The BYU CWC Team aims to showcase our engineering skills, business knowledge, and passion for a carbon-neutral future at the 2022 competition!
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California State University Maritime Academy
By participating in the Collegiate Wind Competition, California State University Maritime Academy cadets transfer their wind energy skills from the classroom to the real-world.
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James Madison University
CWC gives Trident Wind Collaborative members the opportunity to develop expertise in the wind industry and guide the world toward a renewable energy future through collaboration, innovation, and generation.
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Johns Hopkins University
Hopkins Student Wind Energy Team is introducing a new generation of engineers, financial analysts, and environmental caretakers to the wind industry!
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Kansas State University
Kansas State's Wildcat Wind Power team will bring technical thinking and creative design solutions to the challenges of the 2022 competition.
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Northern Arizona University
For this competition, we at WindJax are diversifying our team, expanding our industry knowledge, and building on our overarching passion for a more sustainable future.
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Texas Tech University
The Techsan Wind Team enthusiastically pursues a clean energy future through wind energy development.
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The Pennsylvania State University
The Penn State Wind Energy Club is developing the skills needed to help move the country toward a clean energy future.
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Virginia Tech
The Wind Turbine Team at Virginia Tech is a diverse group of students with a passion for renewable energy who hope to learn industry skills through the Collegiate Wind Competition to apply after graduation.
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University of Colorado Boulder
The U.S Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition offers CU Boulder students an opportunity to grow our technical and leadership skills in preparation for careers in the wind industry.
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University of Wisconsin – Madison
The U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition allows WiscWind members to gain experience and encourage our community to embrace renewable energy and sustainability.
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Washington State University Everett
Now in our third year competing, the Everett Wind Energy Team is focusing on early prototyping, testing, and development to push our design to the top.
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Four schools also participated in the 2022 CWC as learn-along schools, which gave students the opportunity to experience the competition and establish a deeper understanding of the wind energy industry.

2022 Learn-Along Teams

California Polytechnic State University
CWC puts our passion for wind energy to work as we, the Cal Poly team, explore the industry, build relations, iterate turbine designs, and plan an offshore wind power plant.
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Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Massachusetts Maritime Academy is a learn-along team participating in the CWC for the first time.
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Universidad Ana G. Mendez
CWC gives engineering students on the Juracan Energy Team the opportunity to develop their skills in problem-solving, designing, manufacturing, testing, and troubleshooting.
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University of Texas at Dallas
University of Texas at Dallas is a learn-along team participating in the CWC for the first time.
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