DOE ZERH Version 2 Orientation Training
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DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Program Version 2 Orientation Training
U.S. Department of Energy

Various utilities, states, and efficiency programs offer incentives for certified DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes. ZERH is included in several state housing Qualified Allocation Plans. 

National, Regional, and Affordable Housing (LIHTC) Incentives for ZERH

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Fact Sheet for State HFAs

The Economics of Zero Energy Homes - Jacob Corvidae, Michael Gartman, Alisa Petersen, Rocky Mountain Institute, 2018

What We Learned Getting to 2 Million ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes that is Positioning Zero Energy Ready Homes for Exponential Growth - Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH, 2018

ZERH Name and Logo Use Guidelines

How States Can Leverage Zero Energy Ready Homes: Sam Rashkin, Jamie Lyons (video and presentation slidestranscript)

ZERH Marketing and Sales: Sam Bowles, ZERH, Chrissi Antonopolous, PNNL (videotranscript)

2/8/18 - Voice of the Builder -- Hot-Dry Climate; Geoff Ferrell, Mandalay Homes, Tom Wade, Palo Duro (video and presentation slidestranscript)

12/12/17 - Voice of the Builder -- Affordable: Rick Wertheim, United Way of Long Island; Michael Sollitto, Habitat for Humanity of South Sarasota County, Florida (video and presentation slidestranscript)

10/31/17 - Voice of the Builder -- Southeast: Luis Imery, Imery Group; Todd Usher, Addison Homes (videotranscript)

8/30/17 - Voice of the Builder -- Mid-Atlantic: Jay Epstein, Health E Community Enterprises; Kiere DeGrandchamp, High Performance Homes (video and presentation slidestranscript)

7/21/17 - Voice of the Builder -- Cold Climate-Mountain: Bill Rectanus, Thrive Home Builders; Hunter Mantell-Hecathorn, Mantell-Hecathorn Builders (video and presentation slidestranscript)

6/19/17 - Voice of the Builder -- Cold Climate: Glenna Wilson, Charis Homes; Scott Sanders, BrightLeaf Homes (videotranscript)

8/28/18 - Best Practices for Ventilation in Zero Energy Ready Homes: Paul Raymer, ICF (video and presentation slidestranscript)

Building America Solution Center

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home provides resources for successfully building and selling zero-energy ready homes in today's market.  

Zero Energy Ready Home Partners log in here to download logos, labels and printing instructions, access your customized marketing materials, and update your profile with your company logo.

Visit the Building America Solution Center for expert information on high-performance homes. Find ENERGY STAR checklists and Zero Energy Ready Home requirements to make constructing and certifying homes just a little easier. For a quick guide for how to best use this resource check out the Building America Solution Center Fact Sheet.

Visit the Building America Solution Center.