The High Impact Technology (HIT) Catalyst is designed to help identify, prioritize and deploy cost-effective, innovative, energy-efficient technology solutions.

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Strategic Emphasis

We accelerate the adoption of innovative technology solutions through pre-identified and pre-defined pathways (e.g., Innovation Challenge, Technology Demonstration, Technical Resource development, Adoption Campaign) with an ongoing focus on partnerships and collaboration.

Target Market and Audience

We deploy HITs with the commercial buildings industry including through the Better Buildings Alliance (BBA), federal leaders, regional nonprofits, and efficiency organizations.

Research, development and deployment strategies include technical and market analysis, the use of measure and stock-level analytical tools and laboratory and field testing to de-risk and streamline the adoption of technology solutions with significant energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction potential. This work leads to a better understanding of integration tradeoffs, structural and technical gaps, and long-term research and development requirements that will help CBI rapidly progress toward its goals.