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If you could buy a 2020 model car today in 2016, would you? If that car would have a lower true cost of ownership than a 2016 model car, would you buy it? The answer to both questions is a pretty obvious yes. Well, that’s just where we are with new homes in California. The 2020 model Zero Energy Ready Home is available today, and because of impressive monthly energy savings, the true cost of ownership every month can be significantly lower for a superior home ownership experience. This sounds like a compelling value proposition for both California homebuyers and builders and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) would love to join forces to make this happen.

It all begins with this webinar for leading California builders and energy consultants. Attendees will be introduced to the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program including the simple building blocks, compelling consumer messaging, guidance on how program requirements align with both Title 24 and the California Advanced Homes Program, and details for how builders can start taking advantage of substantial differentiation opportunities by partnering with DOE.

Nic Dunfee, TRC Solutions
Sam Rashkin, chief architect of the Building Technologies Office
Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners

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