Lead Performer: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Berkeley, CA
Partners: ​
Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University (CEPT University) - Ahmedabad, India
-- Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Oak Ridge, TN
-- University of California - Berkeley, CA
-- Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA
-- Multiple industry partners
Project Term: Ongoing
Funding Type: Direct Lab Funding
Program Web Page: CBERD Website

Project Objective

The bilateral U.S.-India Centre for Building Energy Research and Development (CBERD) is a multi-year international effort focused on developing and implementing energy efficiency technologies in both the USA and in India. 

CBERD brings together multidisciplinary expertise from eleven leading research and academic institutions in India and the U.S. to conduct collaborative research to promote energy efficiency innovations. The R&D consortium collaborates with over two dozen industry partners to create a dynamic public-private partnership, with the goal of promoting clean energy innovation in energy efficiency with measurable results and significant reduction in energy use in both nations through this strong foundation of collaborative research and development. 

The approach is to facilitate high performance building design, construction, and operation through integration of building information technologies (BIT) and building physical systems (BPS). As part of the building information technologies (BIT) portfolio, CBERD is developing design and operation software tools, integrated controls platforms, building energy monitoring solutions, and new benchmarking methods. As part of the building physical systems (BPS) portfolio, the focus is on technologies for HVAC, lighting, envelopes, low-energy cooling and mixed mode ventilation to increase their potential to save operational energy and deliver occupant comfort.

The Building Technologies Office works with CBERD on multiple technology research & development projects, including:

Project Impact

The CBERD team conducts collaborative research and development to develop accelerated, measurable and significant reduction in energy use in buildings. The vision for CBERD is to build a foundation of collaborative knowledge, technologies, human capabilities, and relationships that position the U.S. and India for a future of high-performance buildings. The focus is on the highest growth sectors, i.e., commercial and high-rise multi-family buildings. While key targets are new construction in India and retrofits and existing operations in the Unites States, the results are likely to have spillover benefits to other building sectors. Specifically, CBERD can help promote mixed mode operations, reduce cooling and heating demand in Indian and US buildings, and re-optimize existing cooling and dehumidification system approaches for India’s commercial/multi-family new construction market. 


DOE Technology Manager: Karma Sawyer
Lead Performer: Cindy Regnier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory