Lead Performer: International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology – Lakewood, CO


-- Triple Bottom Line Foundation – Lakewood, CO

-- University of Colorado, Boulder – Boulder, CO

DOE Total Funding: $994,253

Cost Share: $1,130,781

Funding Type: Solutions to Improve the Energy Efficiency of U.S. Small and Medium Commercial Buildings (DE-FOA-0001385)


International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology (ICAST) will expand its one-stop-shop model to address the Small Commercial Apartment Property (SCAP) market with deeper retrofit. Funding is proposed to enhance current services and scale the current model nationally through franchising, to meet the energy efficiency (EE) retrofit needs of SCAPs.

The ICAST service delivery platform is a single contract for a SCAP owner to include:

  • A nonprofit EE retrofit implementation firm, such as a WAP agency
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCO) offering Energy Performance Contracts
  • Utility EE Program Implementers, such as direct install service providers
  • Green consultants providing energy audits, portfolio analysis, green certifications (LEED, ENERGY STAR), Green Capital Needs Assessments (GPNA), etc.
  • General contractor (GC) who manages the construction i.e. installation of the ECMs
  • Financiers and financial consultants who provide access to project financing
  • Owners representative who provides advice and oversight to SCAP owners on all aspects of their property rehabilitation including coordination with architects, engineers, etc.


The project will install EE retrofits on 500 SCAP buildings in five different climate zones. Two new retrofit franchises will be established in New Mexico and Texas, both new geographic locations. A resource manual will be created, i.e. “franchise book” to scale ICAST’s model to the national level. Using the model is expected to cut energy use by 20-30% in small commercial apartment properties, reduce individual building utility bills by $3,100 annually, and create 200 jobs.


DOE Technology Manager: Priya Swamy

Lead Performer: International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology