Graphics in several oval shapes that surround a center image and point to it. The graphics are of elements like system integration and optimization and material selection and characterization.

Lead Performer: Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Oak Ridge, TN
-- A.O. Smith Corp. – Milwaukee, WI
-- Isotherm Inc. - Arlington, TX
-- Brayton Energy – Hampton, NH
DOE Total Funding: $2,400,000
Cost Share: $200,000 per year
Project Term: June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2023
Funding Type: Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) 2019 Funding Opportunity

Project Objective

The project team, led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), will design, manufacture, and demonstrate a high-temperature heat exchanger that can effectively operate under extremely high operating temperatures (~1000 C) for typical gas-fired applications while withstanding extremely corrosive environments.

Project Impact

Unavailability of heat exchangers to provide sustainable performance at elevated temperatures for corrosive working fluids has been a major technological barrier to achieve improved efficiency. The advanced heat exchanger technology developed under the current project will enable cost-effective and feasible implementation of combined heat and power; and thermally driven heat pump applications. Heat exchangers are critical components for a wide range of applications such as modular power generation, waste heat recovery, and energy harvesting. The project team will provide a comprehensive infrastructure for the design, materials selection, and manufacturing process, which will influence multiple technology sectors. Such efforts will open a substantial job market and will enable U.S. manufacturers to lead the market in advanced energy conversion processes.


DOE Technology Manager: Antonio Bouza
Lead Performer: Kashif Nawaz, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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