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DOE Zero Energy Ready Home provides resources for successfully building and selling zero-energy ready homes in today's market.

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DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Builder Profiles & Tour of Zero

Learn more about DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Builders on their individual profiles through our partner locator.  Visit the Tour of Zero to take a virtual tour of Housing Innovation Award winning homes and view images, important performance metrics, testimonials, floor plans, and case studies.

Building America Solution Center

Visit the Building America Solution Center for expert information on high performance homes.  Find ENERGY STAR checklists and Zero Energy Ready Home requirements to make constructing and certifying homes just a little easier. For a quick guide for how to best use this resource check out the Building America Solutions Center Fact Sheet.

See the Building America Solutions Center Here!

Resources for Partners

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DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Sales and Marketing Materials

Learn about the Zero Energy Ready Home Label Methodology

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Publications

Zero Energy Ready Home Economic Reports

The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Savings & Cost Estimate Summary gives builders, contractors, utilities, energy programs, and other stakeholders a general sense of the magnitude and type of added costs for constructing DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes and how these costs compare to the energy savings. Actual energy savings and incremental costs will vary.

A 2018 report by the Rocky Mountain Institute highlights the cost effectiveness of Zero-Energy homes.  "Zero-energy homes have quietly passed cost thresholds that make them not only good for the environment but also cost-effective."

Read the report, The Economics of Zero-Energy Homes.

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Incentives

Various utilities, states, and efficiency programs offer incentives for certified DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes.  Current incentives are listed in this summary document.

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home- Incentives Summary (May 2018)

 DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Training

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Webinars

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Zero Energy Ready Home Program Information

5/13/15 - Updates to the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Specs -- Revision 05: Jamie Lyons and Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH (videotranscript)

4/2017 - Housing Innovation Awards Application Process and Successful Strategies (video, transcript)

7/19/17 - Making Sense of the 2015 IECC and Zero Energy Ready Home: Jason Winters, Joe Nebbia (video and presentation slides, transcript)

4/30/18 - 2018 Housing Innovation Awards: Application Process and Successful Strategies: Joe Nebbia, DOE ZERH (video and presentation slides, transcript)

Sales and Marketing

6/16/14 - Marketing and Sales Solutions for Zero Energy Ready Homes: Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH (video, transcript)

12/18/14 - Sales and Value Recognition for Zero Energy Ready Homes:  Laura Stukel, Elevate Energy and Sandra Adomatis, Adomatis Appraisal Services (video, transcript)

2/4/15 -  High-Performance Home Sales Training, Part I: Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH (video, transcript)

2/12/15 - High-Performance Home Sales Training, Part II: Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH (video, transcript)

10/21/15 - Turning the Building America Solutions Center into an Expert Advisor: Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH and Chrissi Antonopolous-  PNNL (video)

11/18/15 - Selling Zero Energy Ready Homes Made Easy: Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH (video, transcript)

11/25/15 - Tour of Zero: Helping Customers Find Better Homes at Lower Costs: Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH  (video, transcript)

10/27/16 - U.S. DOE Zero Energy Ready Home and the California Advanced Home Program: Nic Dunfee, TRC Solutions, Sam Rashkin and Jamie Lyons, DOE ZERH (video, transcript)

10/31/16 - Tour of Zero and Innovation Partner: Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH (video, transcript)

2/22/17 - ZERH Marketing and Sales: Sam Bowles, ZERH, Chrissi Antonopolous, PNNL (video, transcript)

6/13/17 - How States can Leverage Zero Energy Ready Homes: Sam Rashkin, Jamie Lyons (video and presentation slides, transcript)

6/19/17 - Voice of the Builder - Cold Climate: Glenna Wilson, Charis Homes; Scott Sanders, BrightLeaf Homes (video, transcript)

7/21/17 - Voice of the Builder - Cold Climate-Mountain: Bill Rectanus, Thrive Home Builders; Hunter Mantell-Hecathorn, Mantell-Hecathorn Builders (video and presentation slides, transcript)

8/30/17 - Voice of the Builder - Mid-Atlantic: Jay Epstein, Health E Community Enterprises; Kiere DeGrandchamp, High Performance Homes (video and presentation slides, transcript)

10/31/17 - Voice of the Builder - Southeast: Luis Imery, Imery Group; Todd Usher, Addison Homes (video, transcript)

12/12/17 - Voice of the Builder - Affordable: Rick Wertheim, United Way of Long Island; Michael Sollitto, Habitat for Humanity of South Sarasota County, Florida (video and presentation slides, transcript)

2/8/18 - Voice of the Builder - Hot-Dry Climate; Geoff Ferrell, Mandalay Homes, Tom Wade, Palo Duro (video and presentation slides, transcript)

Building Science Best Practices and Resources

5/16/14 - Building Energy Optimization Tool (BEopt):  Scott Horowitz and Craig Christensen, NREL (presentation slides)

9/24/15 - Turning the Building America Solution Center into an Expert Advisor: Sam Rashkin and Chrissi Antonopolous,  PNNL (videotranscript)

12/15/16 - Building America: Air Sealing Best Practices and Code Compliance for Multi-Family Area Separation Walls: Linh Truong (NREL), Pam Cole (PNNL), Ari Rapport (IBACOS), Robbie Schwartz (EnergyLogic) (video, transcript)

10/27/17 - Affordable, Green Homes with DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes and Enterprise Green Communities: Krista Egger, Enterprise Green Communities; Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH; Jamie Lyons, DOE ZERH (video, slides)

3/28/18 - ENERGY STAR Builders Joining Forces with Zero Energy Ready Homes: Sam Rashkin, DOE; Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners (video and presentation slides, transcript)

4/3/18 - Updates to the Building America Solution Center: Chrissi Antonopolous, PNNL (video and presentation slides, transcript)

8/28/18 - Best Practices for Ventilation in Zero Energy Ready Homes: Paul Raymer, ICF (video and presentation slides, transcript)

High-R Enclosures

3/21/14 - Ducts in Conditioned Space: Bill Zoeller- Steven Winter Associates  Inc. (video and presentation slides, transcript)

5/27/14 - Low Load High Efficiency HVAC: Duncan Prahl, IBACOS (video and presentation slidestranscript)

1/28/16 - Low Load HVAC in Zero Energy Ready Homes: Greg Cobb, iEngineering, LLC (videotranscript)

2/16/16 - Getting Enclosures Right in Zero Energy Ready Homes: Joe Lstiburek- Building Science Corporation (video and presentation slidestranscript)

11/30/16 - Lazy Air Conditioning: HVAC & Humidity Control: Ken Gehring, Therma-Stor (videotranscript)

Energy Efficient Components and Hot Water Distribution

1/9/14 - Efficient Hot Water Distribution I: What's at Stake: Gary Klein, Aim 4 Sustainability (video and presentation slides, transcript)

1/30/14 - Efficient Hot Water Distribution II: How to Get it Right: Gary Klein, Aim 4 Sustainability (video and presentation slides, transcript)

9/18/14 - Energy - and Water - Efficiency in the DOE ZERH: Jonah Schein, EPA (video and presentation slidestranscript)

5/21/15 - LED Lighting Efficiency: David Brignati & Brooke Silber, Newport Partners & Yale Moyer Lighting LLC (video and presentation slidestranscript)

9/14/2016 - ZERH Webinar: Efficient Hot Water Distribution: You Know that Hot Water Distribution is Important: Jonah Shein, EPA WaterSense (video, transcript)

4/25/17 - Efficient Hot Water Distribution in Zero Energy Ready Multifamily Buildings: Jamie Lyons, ZERH; Gabe Ayala, Enovative Group (video and presentation slides, transcript)

Indoor Air Quality

8/21/14 - Ventilation and Filtration Strategies with Indoor airPLUS: Nick Hurst and James Jackson, ICF International (video and presentation slidestranscript​)

5/28/18 - Calling All Indoor airPLUS Builders: Join Forces with Zero Energy Ready Homes!: Sam Rashkin and Jamie Lyons, DOE ZERH (video and presentation slides, transcript)

Disaster Resistance

6/5/14 - Building FORTIFIED Homes, Part I: Fred Malik, IBHS (video and presentation slides, transcript)

6/25/14 - Building FORTIFIED Homes, Part II: Fred Malik, IBHS  (video and presentation slides, transcript)

Quality Assurance

10/16/14 - Quality Management Systems for ZERH: Vladimir Kochkin, Home Innovation (video and presentation slides, transcript)

11/28/17 - Invest in Quality, Keep Money in Your Pocket: Glenn Cottrell, IBACOS (video and presentation slides, transcript)

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