Funding Opportunity Coming Soon: Scaling up the Next Generation of Building Efficiency Packages

May 10, 2016

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The Building Technologies Office (BTO), in collaboration with the General Services Administration’s Green Proving Ground, intends to release a funding opportunity for innovative partnerships proposing real building demonstrations of high-impact, energy-efficient multi-system technology packages. View the notice of intent.

The objective of this funding is to generate data from real-world demonstration projects that will ultimately be used to accelerate the development and rollout of efficiency program offerings for multi-system technology packages. Multi-system packages are groups of technologies that improve efficiency across two or more building systems: envelope, lighting/electrical, plug, process, heating, ventilation, cooling, refrigeration, energy management and information, sensors and controls. EERE will give preference to those packages that build off of the current High Impact Technology Priority List, outcomes of previous demonstration projects, simulation analyses and/or existing BTO research and development (R&D) investments in envelope retrofits and multi-system, interoperable controls.

Read the full notice of intent.