This is more than just a facelift. Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® has updated and enhanced its tools and resources to better guide homeowners down a pathway to improved comfort and utility bill savings. Here’s what’s new:

Expert Home Improvements: We want you to get the facts and find expert help faster. The new Expert Home Improvements tab will quickly connect homeowners and prospective program sponsors and contractors to Home Performance with ENERGY STAR resources.

Get More from Your Home Infographic: Our new program infographic is Home Performance with ENERGY STAR in a snapshot. The process is simple; the rewards are significant.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Project Flyers: Home improvement projects can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Our new series of project flyers help homeowners understand how some home comfort problems can be simply and effectively addressed—and potentially resolved—through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Interactive House: Every house is a unique combination of features and systems, but a few core components are common to most. When these common components are treated holistically, a homeowner can get more from their home. Home Performance with ENERGY STAR can reveal the hidden value of these core components, as well as their potential to bring you greater comfort and savings. Our new interactive house lets you explore these common components in detail.