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The growing U.S. bio-based economy (bioeconomy) is creating opportunities for individuals with a wide range of skills and training while supporting the national strategy to develop diverse domestic energy resources.  A knowledgeable and well-trained workforce is essential for developing the domestic bioeconomy to meet future energy demands.

The Analysis Interagency Working Group of the Biomass R&D Board has estimated that the bioeconomy contributed approximately $50 billion and over a quarter million jobs to the U.S. economy in 2015. The effects of a larger bioeconomy would have a dramatic impact across rural, suburban, and urban economic sectors, with a cumulative job benefit of over a million new positions that cannot be outsourced. New careers would be generated in biomass production and logistics, facility operation and quality control, and distribution, as well as research & development, finance, supplies, and services that deal with the complexities of building and running new biorefineries. 

The Bioenergy Technologies Office is advancing towards the goal of American energy independence through the development of tools and information on the careers, education, and training opportunities available to meet the needs of a growing bioenergy workforce.


Discover career opportunities in the bioenergy industry with this interactive map.