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BioenergizeME Spring 2017 Infographic Challenge Winner: Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae

BioenergizeME Spring 2017 Infographic Challenge Winner: Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae

The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) has experienced an overwhelming response to the BioenergizeME Infographic Challenge. It has been exciting to see the topics that students have addressed and the creativity teams have shown in communicating and sharing their ideas with their social networks. We extend our sincere appreciation to all who have participated.

The BienergizeME Infographic Challenge will not take place during the 2017–2018 school year, but you can use resources from the Challenge, including the BioenergizeME Infographic Challenge Toolkit and Guide, to have meaningful conversations with your students about a topic that is important to their future! 

Check out the interactive BioenergizeME Infographic Challenge Map to see submissions from teams across the country from prior years. 

New for the 2017–2018 School Year

During this school year, the BioenergizeME Infographic Challenge will provide new activities that will assist students and educators to understand the significance of the bioeconomy and the role bioenergy can play in our country’s energy future. Check out our upcoming webinar series below:

OPERATION BioenergizeME: “Invite a Bioenergy Expert” Webinar Series

BETO’s “Invite a Bioenergy Expert” webinar series will provide an opportunity for students to learn more about using biomass—plant, algae, and organic waste material—to produce renewable fuels and everyday products like cosmetics, plastic bottles, cleaners, clothing, and much more. BETO’s bioenergy experts will also share details about their current projects and help students understand how they can make the leap from the classroom to an exciting, rewarding STEM-based career. So, sign up today for one of two opportunities to schedule a bioenergy expert to visit your students via webinar!

2017 BioenergizeME Infographic Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Spring 2017 BioenergizeME Infographic Challenge! The winning infographic, “Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae,” was created by a team of students from from Normal Community West High School in Normal, Illinois. The student team received the Director’s Prize for Excellence in Content, Design, and Social Media Promotion and is invited to present the infographic at BETO’s Bioeconomy 2017: Domestic Resources for a Vibrant Future in Washington, D.C., in July 2017. 

To view the full list of runner ups and winners from previous years, visit the BioenergizeME Infographic Challenge Winners page

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