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<h4>Better Buildings for a Better Future</h4>
Learn how Better Buildings Neighborhood Program partners started bringing the benefits of energy upgrades to their neighborhoods.<br />
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Better Buildings for a Better Future

Learn how Better Buildings Neighborhood Program partners started bringing the benefits of energy upgrades to their neighborhoods.
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RePower Bainbridge

Learn how partnerships and community involvement were critical in increasing energy efficiency on Bainbridge Island.
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A Home Retrofit

With the help of Energize Bedford, a homeowner assesses his home's energy efficiency and undertakes an upgrade.
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EnergySmart to the Rescue

EnergySmart has already helped thousands of homes and businesses in Boulder County communities save energy and money.
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Virginia Homes Take the "LEAP"

The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) walks homeowners through its step-by-step process to assess energy efficiency.
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Energy Impact Illinois

"Big Bill" and "Little Bill" are on a quest to help Chicago homeowners maximize their homes' energy efficiency.
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Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

A home energy assessment is the first step in lowering the energy consumption and improving the comfort of a home.
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What is a Home Energy Assessment?

From the Neighbor To Neighbor Energy Challenge. An energy advisor explains what to expect during a home energy assessment.
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Denver Energy Challenge

Upgrades completed through Denver Energy Challenge have saved the Mile-High City enough energy to power 600 homes!
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Energy Smart Colorado

Energy Smart Colorado is helping homeowners associations and multifamily units become more energy efficient.
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Fayette County Better Buildings

This commercial helped increase Pennsylvania homeowner awareness of the local Better Buildings Initiative.
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Greensboro "HEROs" to the Rescue

BetterBuildings Greensboro Program Home Energy Response Officers (HEROs) are helping make homes more efficient.
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A  Jacksonville, Florida, program created home energy assessment kits that can be checked out from the local library.
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EnergyWorks KC

Eric Person walks homeowners through seven steps toward making their homes more energy-efficient.
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Energy Upgrade California: TV Spot

This 32-second TV commercial for Energy Upgrade California shows how a few upgrades can lead to big energy savings.
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Weatherizating Vinalhaven Island

Learn about efforts to weatherize and air seal many of the homes in Vinalhaven using Efficiency Maine's air sealing incentive.
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BetterBuildings for Michigan

Hear homeowners talk about how the BetterBuildings for Michigan Program is bringing energy efficiency to Michigan.
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Smart Energy Pays in Wisconsin

Take a look at how the Milwaukee Energy Efficiency program is changing the face of Wisconsin and putting people back to work!
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MAESTRO Program Helps Farmers

The MAESTRO program helps livestock producers find energy saving opportunities on the farm.
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Saving with EnergyFit Nevada

Unlike most people, Gary and Sarah look forward to getting their energy bills! Hear about their EnergyFit Nevada experience.
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As a SEEA WISE program partner, NOLA WISE is helping homeowners in New Orleans save as much as 30% on their utility bills.
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The EnergyWorks program talks to homeowners about their experiences making energy efficiency improvements.
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Sacramento Family Finds Comfort

With the help of Sacramento Better Buildings Program, Chris and Robin are enjoying warmer winters and cooler summers.
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Santa Barbara "Empowers"

emPowerSBC asks homeowners the important questions to drive demand for home energy upgrades.
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The Mystery of the Missing Heat

Community Power Works in Seattle gives you a behind-the-scenes look at a home energy evaluation.
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Homeowners See the Light

The Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF) is helping St. Lucie County homeowners in Florida cut their energy costs.
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RePower Kitsap

Learn how RePower Kitsap is creating jobs while improving energy efficiency in the State of Washington.
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