The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s (EERE) Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO), seeks comments on the testing facilities and capabilities for use by technology developers, manufacturers, designers, construction contractors, owners, regulators, researchers, and other stakeholders to validate and advance emerging and future hydropower technology (including pumped-storage technology) innovations, improved technical procedures, and advanced best practices. 

WPTO seeks input in four specific topics and one general topic:  

  1. emerging and future hydropower technology innovations, improved technical procedures, advanced best practices, new operating scenarios that will need validation through testing; 
  2. the current and future availability of and access to testing facilities and capabilities to meet the needs of emerging and future technology validation; 
  3. the potential and challenges of federal water infrastructure being re-purposed or co-purposed as testing facilities for emerging and future technology; 
  4. the appropriate priorities, roles, and business models of federally-funded hydropower test facilities, and; 
  5. general responses. 

WPTO is specifically interested in information on unmet needs for hydropower testing capability within the U.S. and challenges that technology developers face in accessing testing capabilities. WPTO is also soliciting insights into how federal water infrastructure can be repurposed, refurbished, upgraded, or enhanced to provide testing capability that is needed and does not already exist. 

Responses are due December 7, 2021, by 5:00pm (ET). View the full RFI by clicking on this link here 

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