How does IEDO advanced water & wastewater RD&D? Water & wastewater management cuts across RD&D and Technical Assistance.

The Industrial Efficiency & Decarbonization Office (IEDO) invests in improvements in water & wastewater use across the United States. Flows of energy and water are intrinsically interconnected – water is used when producing energy and the use, treatment, and distribution of water resources requires energy. As such, investments in technologies and practices that enhance the efficient use of water represent energy efficiency and decarbonization opportunities as well.

IEDO’s approach to improving water resource & energy management includes:

  • Working directly with industry through technical partnerships;
  • Funding innovative research, development, & demonstration (RD&D) projects; and through the creation of energy innovation hubs;
  • Coordinating public-private improvements in water use through energy innovation hubs; and
  • Strategic analysis of water use, including desalination bandwidth studies, & water risk & resilience assessments for manufacturers