AMO's technical partnerships support the development and validation of technologies and practices, including continuous energy improvement and combined heat and power, to increase the productivity and competitiveness of American manufacturers and other large energy-using facilities.


Through Better Plants, leading manufacturers partner with the U.S. Department of Energy to share solutions, collaborate with technical experts, and earn recognition for meeting portfolio-wide energy savings goals.

Get valuable training on how to use manufacturing design fundamentals in the early stages of prototype development.

Take advantage of DOE’s information on ISO 50001 and its 50001 Ready and 50001 Superior Energy Performance program.

Apply for an energy assessment, or browse energy-savings ideas in the IAC database.


Explore collaboration opportunities with national laboratories to work together toward impactful manufacturing solutions.

Technical Guidance

Access energy system and energy management software tools to help manufacturers increase energy efficiency at the plant-level and in specific systems. Learn step-by-step ways to identify opportunities, monitor progress, and improve efficiency in any facility.

Partner Engagement

The Advanced Manufacturing Office developed an interactive map of all partners and projects with data for fiscal year 2016. Click on the map and use this tool to search for a specific project, partner and other information.