Join AMO for an in-depth discussion of a Department of Energy initiative, the Conductivity-enhanced materials for Affordable, Breakthrough Leapfrog Electric applications (CABLE) Conductor Manufacturing. The goal of CABLE is to develop high-performance yet affordable electric and thermal materials and applications that improve U.S. energy and material efficiency. The CABLE Workshop will bring together material scientists, application developers, manufacturers, and other interested stakeholders to start building a research ecosystem around conductivity-enhanced materials.

The three-part workshop will delve into:

  1. Applications of conductivity-enhanced materials supporting AMO’s mission to spur development of technologies that lower lifecycle energy consumption and contribute to America’s clean energy future.
  2. Research, development, and demonstration on conductivity-enhanced materials.

The workshop will collect stakeholder perspectives on the connection between the science underpinning new materials and their real world manufacturability. It will feature experts in metallurgy, carbon nanomaterials, materials science, materials modelling and simulation, metal matrix composites, conducting polymer, and many other key science and engineering disciplines.

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