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Become a Superior Energy Performance® (SEP®) auditor to gain an edge in the growing market for ISO 50001 certification and hone your performance evaluation expertise. Two types of certified professionals serve as third-party auditors to verify that an applicant meets SEP requirements:

  • SEP Lead Auditors assess a facility’s or company’s management system conformance to ISO 50001 and additional SEP requirements documented in ANSI/MSE 50021.
  • SEP Performance Verifiers assess a facility’s conformance to the SEP measurement and verification protocol and energy performance improvement criteria defined by the SEP program.

To ensure uniform quality, the SEP certification process uses only trained and qualified auditors accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

SEP Verification Bodies assign these certified experts to the audit team. Facilities pursuing SEP certification choose a Verification Body to conduct the audit.

Training, Exam, and Certification

Training and exams cover topics related to energy fundamentals, ISO 50001 concepts, models, fundamentals of system optimization, energy project management, and more. See the CP EnMS Body of Knowledge for other topics.

Georgia Tech Research Corporation is licensed to offer training for SEP Lead Auditors and SEP Performance Verifiers.

The Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP) administers the SEP Lead Auditor exam and certification and SEP Performance Verifier exam and certification