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Capturing the greatest savings and establishing the system to sustain those savings over time requires a broad range of skills in today’s market. Gain those skills through the professional training and certification program for Certified Practitioners in Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS). CP EnMS professionals are experienced, trained, and qualified experts who can help companies establish an ISO 50001 energy management system and prepare for Superior Energy Performance® (SEP®) certification.

This training and certification program combines traditional energy efficiency and continual business improvement skills. The range of expertise gained includes energy fundamentals, ISO 50001 concepts, models, statistics, business decision-making, operating characteristics of key energy using systems, fundamentals of system optimization, regulatory requirements and more.

Some companies have sent their own staff to the training (and some staff take the exam to become a CP EnMS) to build in-house expertise, which can be leveraged to expand EnMS implementation to additional facilities. To hire a professional with this expertise, find a CP EnMS.

Training, Exam, and Certification

The CP EnMS training and exam cover topics listed in the CP EnMS Body of Knowledge.

Georgia Tech Research Corporation is licensed to offer CP EnMS training.

The Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP) administers the CP EnMS exam and certification.