Moe Khaleel, center (left) ORNL Associate Laboratory Director, Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate and Bob Vanderhoff, center (right) CEO, Magnum Venus Products, cut the ribbon on MVP’s thermoset printer at DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Faci

Representatives from MVP, ORNL, and AMO cut the ribbon on MVP’s thermoset printer at DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.

Magnum Venus Products (MVP), in partnership with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), installed the world’s first commercially-available medium/large-scale thermoset 3D printer at DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) located at ORNL in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  

ORNL contributes to this project through a DOE Office of Technology Transitions Technology Commercialization Fund project managed by the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). AMO invests in collaborative, early-stage research and development (R&D) technology projects that advance fundamental additive manufacturing unit operations to enable broader uptake by industry and encourage uptake of additive technologies.

The MVP machine, called ThermoBot, features a state-of-the-art gantry system tailored to the application, which was developed in response to the growing market demand for hyper-customization and the need for advanced manufacturing automation. Unlike other industrial-sized printers, ThermoBot allows thermosets to be printed for the first time on a large scale. It also offers a cost-effective solution that will shorten lead time on crucial molds– allowing for faster prototyping and rapid deployment.

The roll-in/roll-out bed configuration of the MVP thermoset printer dramatically increases the productivity of additive manufacturing. The unique configuration allows the printer to operate while pre- and post-processing operations are performed on an additional print bed outside of the machine. The benefits include rapid prototyping molds, rapid mold building, and creativity with an all-new material for cutting-edge companies.

Blake Marshall, Manager, MDF, AMO speaks to attendees at the MVP thermoset printer ribbon-cutting (at right, Craig Blue, Director, ORNL, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs and Moe Khaleel, ORNL Associate Laboratory Director, Energy and Enviro

On April 5, 2018, representatives from MVP, ORNL, and AMO gathered in Tennessee to unveil ThermoBot, discuss the capabilities of the printer, and commemorate the partnership between ORNL and MVP.

“This collaboration is important for accelerating the pace with which new technologies can be successfully commercialized, leading to a larger range of applications and performance criteria for additively manufactured components, while creating new jobs and increased prosperity in our region,” said Moe Khaleel, ORNL Associate Laboratory Director for Energy and Environmental Sciences.

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