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11 men standing in front of the ArcelorMittal building
2019 ArcelorMittal Cleveland Team. Photo Credit: ArcelorMittal

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) 50001 Ready program, managed by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, recognized ArcelorMittal’s integrated steel manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio for re-attesting to 50001 Ready, one year after initially earning 50001 Ready recognition by setting up an energy management system (EnMS) aligned with the ISO 50001 global standard. 50001 Ready provides a self-paced, no-cost way for organizations to build a culture of structured energy improvement that leads to deeper and more sustained energy savings.

Continued adherence to the energy management requirements of 50001 Ready has helped the plant further improve its energy performance, reduce production costs, and increase competitiveness. In particular, the plant has found additional savings by focusing on the plant equipment identified as significant energy users through use of DOE’s 50001 Ready Navigator online software tool.

50001 Ready recognition generated positive press coverage of the plant and reinforced management’s commitment to energy efficiency. In essence, 50001 Ready recognition increases the company’s appeal to key customers who expect their suppliers to demonstrate excellence in energy management, thus enhancing ArcelorMittal’s value to their customers.

“Getting this designation makes ArcelorMittal Cleveland more competitive in the marketplace,” said Rishabh Bahel, Energy Manager at ArcelorMittal Cleveland. “Aside from your time, getting started with 50001 Ready costs nothing, so it really accelerates the energy management process and has so many benefits. The program empowers you to have a good team and good processes in place – the value proposition speaks for itself.”

Management at the Cleveland plant views 50001 Ready as a key strategy for maintaining a high-caliber, well-trained workforce. Implementation of the 50001 Ready EnMS helps ensure the continuity of energy management practices as key staff retire or relocate. In addition, 50001 Ready serves as a training 

platform to help new staff learn how to continuously monitor energy performance and recommend energy improvements.

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