AMMTO sponsors several American-Made Prizes as part of our efforts to promote advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. These initiatives encourage the nation’s brightest minds to bring forward their groundbreaking ideas, translating them into practical solutions for energy and manufacturing challenges.

By participating in American-Made Prizes, energy researchers and entrepreneurs can connect with each other and national labs through the American-Made Network. Through these partnerships, the American-Made Prizes provide access to an unparalleled ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors dedicated to advancing American manufacturing and clean energy solutions.

Microbattery Design Prize

The $1.1 million Microbattery Design Prize focuses on innovative small-capacity battery design projects to improve performance, safety, and recyclability. Microbatteries provide the power source for small devices such as wearable medical devices, implantable biosensors, and hearing aids, enabling miniaturized technologies to perform effectively. Microelectronics like these continue to transform society, but emerging applications for these tiny technologies requires new, smaller battery designs to meet demand.

The Microbattery Design Prize aims to address existing gaps in the microelectronics and energy storage supply chains, thereby bolstering U.S. manufacturing competitiveness abroad and fortifying domestic end-to-end supply chains for these technologies.

The CABLE Conductor Manufacturing Prize

The $4.8 million CABLE Prize invites researchers to develop and manufacture breakthrough conductivity-enhanced materials. Enhancing the conductivity of transmission and distribution cables and devices connected to the grid can enhance grid resilience and performance, helping it to accommodate rapid electrification of the economy.

The Geothermal Manufacturing Prize

The Geothermal Manufacturing Prize incentivizes innovators to discover advances that address manufacturing challenges fundamental to operating in harsh geothermal environments. This competition emphasizes additive manufacturing for tool design, fabrication, and functionality improvements in geothermal applications.