Science and technology lie at the heart of the Department of Energy's (DOE's) mission. Through its far-reaching support of research at the 17 DOE National Laboratories and at hundreds of universities, other research institutions, and industry across the country, the Department is a major contributor to the Nation's overall research and development (R&D) effort. Given the importance to the nation of the DOE's research portfolio and the breadth of responsibility DOE bears for the Nation's continuing progress in science and technology, DOE is obliged to uphold the highest standards in the sponsorship, management, and conduct of research. Among these standards is the core value of scientific integrity. 

The DOE Scientific Integrity Policy document sets forth a policy intended to (1) ensure a culture of scientific integrity; (2) strengthen the actual and perceived credibility of the Federal Government and Federal Government sponsored research; (3) facilitate the free flow of scientific and technical information consistent with privacy and classification standards and applicable laws, regulations, and DOE Orders and Policies; and (4) establish principles for conveying scientific and technological information to the public.