The Integrated Joint Cybersecurity Coordination Center (iJC3) Operations provides Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Incident Tracking and Reporting Coordination across DOE, including: 24/7/365 Operations, enterprise reporting, managing internal/external reporting related to BODs, EDs, and C-CARs and managing the Vulnerability Disclosure Program for the enterprise.

Key Programs and Services

  • Incident Coordination and Incident Response Services
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and Analysis
  • Big Data Platform and Analysis
  • Automated Indicator Sharing
  • Crowdsourced Penetration Testing
  • Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation
  • Vulnerability Disclosure Program
  • Protective DNS
  • Attack Surface Management
  • Domain Intelligence
  • Automated Malware Inspection and Analysis
integrated Joint Cybersecurity Coordination Center Function icons for identify, protect, detect, respond, recover