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The mission of the Office of Corporate Business Systems (CF-40) is to plan and manage the design, development, operation and maintenance of the Department's Corporate Business Systems program and projects; to identify and implement business process automation initiatives; to provide technical support for legacy systems operations and maintenance; to provide technical support for web design, development and maintenance; to manage cyber security and enterprise architecture activities; and to serve as the liaison to the Chief Information Officer for Information Technology services.


  • Plan and manage the design, integration, and implementation of the Department's corporate business systems through the Corporate Business Systems program, ensuring the approved solution addresses the integration of financial management, cost accounting, budget, procurement, human resources and performance measurements.
  • Operate and maintain corporate financial systems utilizing efficient, cost-effective, and appropriate technology to allow for delivery and dissemination of relevant information.
  • Maintain compatibility among the corporate business systems to facilitate electronic exchange of data with internal and external stakeholders and maintain interfaces with Headquarters Programs, Field Offices and Management and Operating Contractors.
  • Provide qualified Information Technology project management support.
  • Manage the Office of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Cyber Security Program.
  • Plan and manage Corporate Business Systems projects and CFO information technology services and systems.
  • Develop and maintain systems documentation and training materials.
  • Define website standards for the CFO organizations and manage the CFO web technical infrastructure to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and recommended practices.
  • Serve as the CFO liaison with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for all CFO Information Technology services and represent the CFO on the DOE IT Executive Council.
  • Direct the CFO Enterprise Architecture program.
  • Serve as co-chair of the Department's Corporate Business Systems Configuration Control Board.
  • Oversee the completion of all internal and external CFO Information Technology reporting.
  • Participate on various internal and external Information Technology committees and working groups.