The Department of Energy’s CyberForce® workforce development program is gearing up for its 2022 events, which are designed to help the next generation of cybersecurity professionals protect our nation’s critical energy systems against cyber threats.

This year, the program will include the virtual Conquer the Hill: Reign Edition competition on August 6, the flagship CyberForce® competition on November 4 and 5, a virtual Career Fair in the Fall, and an online workforce portal for student competitors. More details are below:

Conquer the Hill: Reign Edition

The Reign 2022 CyberForce® competition will test participants on their knowledge of cybersecurity, computer science, mathematics, cryptography, and critical thinking through an innovative 2D dungeon crawler game. Players will hack through server rooms, interact with AI robots, decrypt secret messages, and navigate throughout the laboratory to fulfill the quest.

The event will take place on August 6 and the top three winners will earn prizes. Registration opens May 30.

CyberForce® Competition

DOE’s annual CyberForce® Competition helps participants and volunteers increase their knowledge and understanding of cyber-physical threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences. This year’s event will be held in a hybrid format (both virtual and in-person) and will include interactive, scenario-based events, where participants will engage in a day-long cybersecurity scenario focused on solar.

The 2022 CyberForce® Competition will be held on November 4 and 5. Registration opens in mid- July and will close in mid-August. Graduates who are no longer eligible to participate may still volunteer during the competition, so don’t miss your chance to get involved.

Virtual Career Fair

All CyberForce® Program participants are encouraged to attend the virtual career fair this Fall. Representatives from industry, national laboratories, and federal agencies will be on hand to engage, interview, and recruit prospective talent for jobs and internships. The fair will boast many networking opportunities and exhibitors will have the ability to customize their booths, add multiple representatives, create job postings, and ask and answer questions.

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