CESER sponsors high-risk/high-reward RD&D projects that serve the public good through advancements in energy systems cybersecurity. Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) RD&D projects deliver advanced tools and technologies specifically for the energy sector’s operational technology (OT)—the digital systems and networks that manage the physical operations for electricity, oil, and gas entities. These specialized systems often require non-traditional and highly tailored cybersecurity approaches, tools, and system designs.

The 2020 CEDS Peer Review, held October 6-7, evaluated 20 ongoing, next-generation developments, providing an assessment of these active CEDS-funded projects. Independent subject matter experts provided CEDS federal project managers with unbiased evaluations of the projects’ progress. This feedback will help CEDS in guiding these active projects and shape the approach to CEDS’ ever developing portfolio of research.

For presentations delivered during the 2020 CEDS Peer Review, see the 2020 CEDS Peer Review Presentation Page.