Bureau or Account: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Funding amount: $40,000,000

Period of Availability: Available until expended

Funding Mechanism: Cooperative Agreement

New Program: Yes

Recipients: (A) An institution of higher education,

(B) a National Laboratory;

(C) a Federal research agency;

(D) a State research agency;

(E) a research agency associated with a territory or freely associated state;

(F) a Tribal energy development organization;

(G) an Indian Tribe;

(H) a Tribal organization;

(I) a Native Hawaiian community-based organization;

(J) a nonprofit research organization;

(K) an industrial entity;

(L) any other entity, as determined by the Secretary; and

(M) a consortium of 2 or more entities described in subparagraphs (A) through (L).

Description: To award financial assistance to eligible entities for research, development, and demonstration, and commercialization projects to create innovative and practical approaches to increase the reuse and recycling of wind energy technologies.

Eligible Uses: (i) Increasing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the recovery of raw materials from wind energy technology components and systems, including enabling technologies such as inverters;

(ii) minimizing potential environmental impacts from the recovery and disposal processes;

(iii) advancing technologies and processes for the disassembly and recycling of wind energy devices;

(iv) developing alternative materials, designs, manufacturing processes, and other aspects of wind energy technologies and the disassembly and resource recovery process that enable efficient, cost effective, and environmentally responsible disassembly of, and resource recovery from, wind energy technologies; and

(v) strategies to increase consumer acceptance of, and participation in, the recycling of wind energy technologies.

Next Milestone: Estimated application opening date, TBD