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July 14, 2017

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If it’s been a few months since you visited, you might not recognize it. We’ve given a bit of a refresh to improve your experience with the website and make it easier to find the information you need.

Last month, completed a major re-design focused on less clutter, more pictures, and an overall more modern feel. When your website averages about 3.3 million page views per month, this kind of overhaul is no small task.

This project, started back in April 2016, involved getting input from people and offices across the department, looking at analytics to see what pages were getting the most attention, and developing a new set of templates for all the pages on the site.

Our research brought us some interesting findings: we found that 86 percent of our users are going directly to the web pages they’re looking for, rather than starting on the homepage of We also noticed that our mobile use is constantly growing, it currently averages about 28% of total traffic.

With those results in mind, the updated website has an improved responsive, mobile-ready design and emphasizes photos of the amazing technologies the Energy Department and the National Labs work on. We’ve also refreshed the primary navigation pages to highlight the Department’s main areas of focus: Science & Innovation, Energy Economy, and Security & Safety. We also provided users with information they can use in the Save Energy, Save Money section, and easy sharing controls for better engagement.

At the Department of Energy, we’re always pushing the boundaries on our scientific knowledge and technological abilities, and we want our website to reflect that. So click around, explore the site, and if you find an issue, you can drop us a line here: