MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Today, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry met with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Russia, Anton Siluanov, during his visit to Moscow. The candid conversation between the Secretary and the Deputy Prime Minister focused on challenges of the bilateral relationship while recognizing the importance of communicating on energy issues of mutual importance to the United States and Russia.

Both Deputy Prime Minister Siluanov and Minister Novak, in their earlier meeting, expressed Russia’s desire to restart the dormant U.S.-Russia Energy Working Group. Secretary Perry believes that while this would be a positive step forward, the future of our relationship with Russia is predicated on successfully addressing our broader disagreements.

Secretary Perry reiterated the Administration’s firm opposition to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline because the project would concentrate a single route of Russian gas into Europe, one vulnerable to disruption and risks of over reliance for European consumers. He also emphasized that the U.S. firmly supports the Minsk agreements and will side with allies and friends against any Russian acts of subversion and destabilization.

Perry underscored that, as two of the world’s top producers of natural gas and oil, it is in the interest of the world for Russia and the United States to succeed in furthering international energy security and global stability.