Under President Trump and President Duda’s leadership, the United States and Poland are strong and committed allies on energy security.  Our countries are cooperating on civil nuclear energy, liquefied natural gas trade, and cybersecurity for critical energy infrastructure.

Launched U.S.-Poland Strategic Dialogue on Energy

  • President Trump and President Duda launched the U.S.-Poland Strategic Dialogue on Energy during their meeting at the White House on September 18, 2018.  Through three subsequent meetings of the Strategic Dialogue on Energy, the U.S. and Poland have advanced cooperation on nuclear energy, fossil energy, energy infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

Expanded cooperation on Poland’s Nuclear Power Program

  • The U.S. and Poland signed a Nuclear Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding on June 12, 2019.  The Memorandum signals our long-term commitment to working together to develop Poland’s civil nuclear program and jointly pursue the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.The American and Polish governments and nuclear industries are partnering closely on Poland’s nuclear power program, which aims to develop 6-9 gigawatts of nuclear power capacity by 2043.

Bolstered Liquefied Natural Gas Trade

  • Poland has contracted for 9 billion cubic meters per annum (bcm/a) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from U.S. suppliers expected to start in 2023.  This is equivalent to approximately half of Poland’s current annual natural gas consumption.  Through spot purchases, Poland imported nearly 1.1 bcm/a of LNG from the U.S. in 2019.

Strengthened Cybersecurity Cooperation

  • Poland and the U.S. held a first-of-its-kind three-day cybersecurity training workshop for protection of energy-sector critical infrastructure in Warsaw in November 2018.  The U.S. Department of Energy is planning to support a second cybersecurity training workshop in Poland in 2020 or 2021. 

Signed U.S.-Poland-Ukraine Memorandum of Cooperation on Enhancing Regional Security of Gas Supply

  • The U.S., Poland, and Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on Enhancing Regional Security of Gas Supply on August 31, 2019.  The Memorandum demonstrates a high-level political commitment to enhancing regional interconnections between Poland and Ukraine, including cross-border gas transit capacity, and providing assistance to Ukraine to secure sufficient gas supplies. This agreement will help further reduce Poland and Ukraine’s dependence on Russia for its energy supply.