On the record, attributable to DOE Spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes. 

“Under the first three years of the Trump Administration, America experienced a historic period of growth in our energy industry which put us on track to become a net energy exporter this year. Today’s EIA Short Term Energy Outlooks (STEO) projects that growth has been stalled due to the unexpected and unprecedented worldwide demand impacts of COVID-19 coupled with the disruptive actions of the ongoing dispute between OPEC + nations.  The Secretary is confident that both of these forces are temporary, and the market will recover.  Until that time, he will continue to be  laser focused on making sure the Department of Energy delivers on the President’s directive to provide relief to the energy industry during this time. The Secretary will also participate on Friday in a virtual G20 Ministerial meeting to discuss with his counterparts around the world the urgent need to restore calm to global energy markets.”