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Message to America from Secretary Granholm
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy


Climate change is intensifying and ravaging our communities and our planet…

More intense hurricanes and storms…

Rising sea waters, uncontrolled wildfires, and…

Record droughts threaten our lives.

And it’s costing us billions and billions to clean up the mess these catastrophes leave behind each year.

At the Department of Energy, we have the solutions to tackle our climate emergency and to create healthy, safe, and thriving communities.

We have the tools to put America on an irreversible path to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

So, what does it mean for you? 

It means cheap, abundant, clean power – made right here in the U.S.

Here at the Department of Energy, we have the world’s most brilliant scientists and energy experts figuring out all the ways to make it happen.

Deploying these solutions will create millions of good paying jobs — all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people. 

And those jobs will lift communities that have been left behind – communities whose children can’t inhale a full breath because they’ve been poisoned by pollution from the smokestacks of dirty factories; coal, oil, and gas communities who are now seeing their jobs vanish because the world is demanding cleaner energy.

We are going to make sure every worker and every community can benefit from— and see their future in —these clean energy solutions.

I’m Jennifer Granholm, and I’m so proud to be the next Secretary of the Department of Energy. 

Let’s get to work.