The Department of Energy (DOE) is on a mission to save our planet and improve the well-being of our communities. You may not know DOE manages the largest environmental remediation program in the world. Utilizing world-class expertise in a variety of science and engineering fields, DOE over the past 30 years tackled the cleanup of 107 sites where the U.S. worked to develop nuclear weapons and conducted nuclear research – a collective area the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined.

Now, we successfully reduced this footprint by 90%, and are down to 16 sites where work continues at various locations to clean up soil and groundwater, and treat millions of gallons of liquid waste stored in tanks. 

While we’re proud of these accomplishments, we’re laser focused on what’s next. To that end, DOE’s Office of Environmental Management has released its Calendar Year 2021 Mission and Priorities. Read up on the full list of our priorities here.

The DOE has a moral responsibility to clean up this environmental legacy. The priorities are ambitious, the challenges are real, but we’re on a mission together.  Learn more about the Environmental Management program.

We rolled out these priorities at the Waste Management Symposia this week, and Secretary Granholm gave some remarks there- watch her remarks here or below.

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DOE Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm addresses the Waste Management Symposium
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy