Test your Power Grid IQ

Do you know your synchrophasors from your microgrids? Test your knowledge of the electric grid with our grid IQ test.

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Ouch. We hope it doesn't come as a shock that you need to brush up on your knowledge. Our grid infographic should help.

Your grid IQ could use some work. Check out our grid infographic and then try again.

Good job! You know your transformers from your substations, but you could brush up on a few facts.That's what our grid infographic is for.

Whoa, you're smarter than a smart meter! You probably already know all this, but check out our grid infographic as a refresher.

How much do you know about the grid and how electricity is delivered to your home?

Have you studied our grid infographic? Are you an expert on the War of the Currents? Do you know what a utility line worker does, or how a synchrophasor works?

Check out the top nine things you didn’t know about the grid, and then put your knowledge to the test with our electrifying new quiz.

Hopefully the results won’t come as a shock!

Allison Lantero
Served as Digital Content Specialist in the Office of Public Affairs.
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