WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, President Donald J. Trump unveiled his FY 2020 Budget Request, including $31.7 billion dollars to fund the Department of Energy (DOE). DOE’s FY 2020 Budget Request supports America’s continued rise as an energy independent nation, and advances U.S. national security and economic growth by making investments in transformative science and technology innovation to promote affordable and reliable energy.  It also includes funding to meet our national security and environmental cleanup challenges.

“President Trump’s budget supports the Department’s vast mission in a fiscally responsible way, and makes clear that success will be measured not by the dollars spent but by the results achieved on behalf of the American people. It calls for strategic investments in our energy security and national security, supporting America’s continued rise as an energy independent nation. Under President Trump’s leadership we have empowered American energy, with the U.S. becoming the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas, and now exporting LNG to 34 countries across five continents. The budget request also focuses on moving America forward by investing in transformational science, innovation, and technology. The Department of Energy’s National Labs are the crown jewels of America’s innovation and this funding will continue to support their work from Artificial Intelligence to renewables, clean coal, and Advanced Nuclear technology. The budget proposal also funds the modernization of our nuclear stockpile, the aging infrastructure that supports it, and ensures a safe and effective system for our nuclear Navy for years to come.”  

Budget Highlights:


  • Promotes America’s “all of the above” energy policy and fulfills the President’s long-term goal of American energy dominance.
  • Accelerates efforts to develop exascale computing systems.
  • Spurs scientific discovery, innovation, and commercialization.
  • Fulfills the obligation to clean up the environmental legacy of the Cold War.
  • Ensures the safety and effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear arsenal; and will modernize the nuclear security enterprise.
  • Protects American energy infrastructure from cyberattacks and other threats.

For more information on the FY 2020 Budget Request view DOE’s fact sheet HERE.  Additional information can be found on the FY 2020 Budget Justification page


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