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Under Secretary Mark W. Menezes speaks at event.

On March 6, Under Secretary of Energy Mark W. Menezes spoke at Atlantic Council’s A New Energy Strategy for the Western Hemisphere session. 

In his remarks, the Under Secretary emphasized that the United States is leading the transformation of the Western Hemisphere into an energy powerhouse that will boost our economies and energy security.

Last year, the Department of Energy launched an initiative with the Atlantic Council to develop a new strategy for engaging with Western Hemisphere partners on the energy issues.

In support of this initiative, over the past few months the Atlantic Council has held consultations with government officials and thought leaders from key countries throughout the region to ensure the report reflects on-the ground realities and captures the latest developments in the dynamic energy sectors of these countries.

The Atlantic Council also engaged U.S. private sector companies to identify U.S. core competencies and to ensure the recommendations contained in the report advance U.S. priorities while also bolstering the region as a whole.

The key findings from this effort have been captured in the report being launched at the event last week – A New Energy Strategy for the Western Hemisphere.

The report will inform the Department of Energy’s approach to energy engagements in the Western Hemisphere in 2020 and beyond.


Watch Under Secretary Mark W. Menezes’ full remarks here.