Jordan Cove signing ceremony photo

Advancing energy infrastructure projects to drive American energy dominance promotes economic growth and our Nation’s true all-of-the-above energy policy. The Trump Administration is committed to setting a smart regulatory and permitting environment that incentivizes investment in and speeds the development of essential energy infrastructure.

As part of that effort, Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette signed a final long-term order authorizing the export of domestically produced liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the proposed Jordan Cove LNG Terminal in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Jordan Cove signing ceremony photo

Moving this project forward has profound economic, energy security, and environmental implications, both at home and abroad.

Natural gas production brings needed tax revenues, creates good paying jobs, and lowers energy costs. If built to authorized capacity, the Jordan Cove project is expected to create 6,000 jobs during peak construction and may generate up to $100 million in state and local tax revenue annually.

Key nations in the Asia-Pacific region, such as India, Japan, and South Korea, are dependent on imports – particularly from the Middle East and Russia – for their energy needs. If the United States can export LNG to the Asia Pacific from Jordan Cove, we can help those nations, and others in the region, reduce their reliance on countries that use energy as political leverage.

Since natural gas results in fewer emissions of air pollutants and carbon dioxide while producing an equal amount of energy, exporting LNG from Jordan Cove to the Asia Pacific will advance regional and global emissions reduction goals.

Supporters of producing abundant, affordable, American energy to ensure energy security agree. Here is what they are saying about the Jordan Cove project:

As a commissioner that comes from a natural resource rich county, it makes me proud to see our nation become a net exporter of natural gas, and my state has a vital role in this.

Sam Palmer
Grant County (OR) Commissioner

The Department of Energy order authorizing the export of Liquefied Natural Gas through Jordan Cove is a vital step for Wyoming and the Nation's energy future. The DOE action supports high-paying jobs as Wyoming and the country look to expand the economy again.

Mark Gordon
Wyoming Governor

The Mesa County Commissioners applaud the Department of Energy for approving the Jordan Cove LNG export facility. This project will help stabilize the economies of rural communities in both Oregon and Northwest Colorado for decades to come and has strong bipartisan support. Exporting our natural gas resources to Asia will also contribute to cleaner air quality, which benefits our global environment.

Mesa County Commission (CO)

Western Energy Alliance applauds DOE for approving the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal after careful, years-long review. Jordan Cove is the only LNG terminal that provides a conduit to Asia for abundant, responsibly sourced western natural gas. Increased use of clean-burning natural gas in the electricity sector has enabled the United States to reduce more greenhouse gas emissions than any other industrialized country.

Western Energy Alliance

Providing our friends and allies with American crude oil and natural gas as liquefied natural gas is a boost the US economy and provides stability to the world markets and ensures reliability of supply. With the addition of the Jordan Cove LNG facility, US producers will have another avenue to provide LNG to markets that otherwise may never benefit from the American energy renaissance.

Domestic Energy Producers Alliance

The case is clear: Advancing energy infrastructure projects is good for the economy, it’s good for energy security, and it’s good for the environment.