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Conner Prochaska: Chief Commercialization Officer

Service Branch: US Navy

Years of Service: 6 Years Active Duty

Would you like to share any details of your military history, awards you may have received or other accomplishments?

Select Awards:

● Joint Service Commendation Medal

● Three Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals

● Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Junior Intelligence Officer of the Year

● NATO Medal (Libya)


Please take a moment to reflect on your thoughts when considering your service uniform.  What does your service uniform represent to you?

When you put on your uniform you become something more than simply a citizen of the United States. You gain the strength and determination of all of the other men and women who have worn the uniform, you are humbled by their sacrifice, and saddled with the responsibility to uphold the uniform’s noble tradition and reputation.

Teamwork is essential across many contexts in life.  Please share how your service in the military cultivated an appreciation for the value of teamwork.  Do you draw from these experiences, or what similarities exist, when working within teams at the DOE?

The similarities between the amazing teams I served with in the military and the amazing teams I serve with at the DOE are abundant. The most apparent is everyone’s dedication to a mission larger than himself or herself.  Also prevalent in the military and DOE is the culture of ensuring that each team member is working for the mission AND their fellow team member


What inspired your interest the agency, and how did your prior service prepare you to join the DOE’s workforce?

The DOE ensures that the United States stays on the technological forefront and maintains its competitive advantage on the world stage. I couldn’t imagine a better place to continue to serve.

Your talents contribute to an innovative and vibrant scientific ecosystem important for matters of national security, energy technologies, and economic prosperity.  How does your role, whether directly or indirectly, allow the agency to continue push the frontiers of science?

As Chief Commercialization Officer and a member of the OTT team we are the conduit that ensures the awesome advances in technology, world class facilities and unmatched know-how in the DOE complex make an impact and change the world.

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