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The Federal Energy Management Program’s (FEMP) Solution Center Tool Box places key tools and resources at your fingertips to help your agency design, optimize, and ensure the efficient operation of every project, facility, and campus.

Featured Tools

50001 Ready Navigator
Application offers step-by-step guidance for implementing and maintaining an energy management system in conformance with the ISO 50001 standard.
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REopt Lite
Tool evaluates the economic viability of grid-connected photovoltaics and battery storage.
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Laboratory Benchmarking Tool
Application compares the energy use of your laboratory buildings with that of similar facilities in the United States.
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Comprehensive Annual Energy Data
Tool displays publicly available data on agency energy management requirements.
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Software analyzes the relative cost effectiveness of alternative buildings and building systems.
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Center of Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
Tools include the PUE Estimator, Energy Assessment Worksheet, and more.
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Energy- and Cost-Savings Calculators
Calculators estimate covered product savings.
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eProject Builder
Tool enables agencies and ESCOs to preserve, track, and report information on their energy projects.
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Alternative Water Sources Maps
Maps help agencies plan where to implement alternative water projects.
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Technical Resilience Navigator (TRN)
Tool provides a systematic approach to resilience planning that allows agencies to prioritize solutions and create a roadmap for action.
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Facility Cybersecurity Framework
Application provides risk-based standards and best practices to help facility owners and operators better manage cybersecurity risks.
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ESCO Selector
Tool helps agencies create a notice of opportunity that complies with federal requirements and meets agency needs.
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Water Project Screening Tool
Excel-based tool enables federal agencies to quickly screen sites for water efficiency opportunities.
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DC Pro Tools
Tools diagnose energy use in data centers and determine energy and cost savings.
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Rainwater Harvesting Tool
Spreadsheet estimates how much monthly rainfall can be harvested from rooftops or other hard surfaces.
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Product Search
Sortable table displays energy-efficient products that are well suited for federal applications.
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Tool allows agencies to track fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and vehicle inventories.
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Featured Resources

Online tool designed to help find the most cost-effective and resilient energy solution for a specific site.
Fourteen best management practices that increase water efficiency to help meet federal requirements.
FEMP's five-phase process helps agencies successfully procure an ESPC for an energy- and water-saving project.
Learn about this project structure, which uses the multiyear ESPC authority to implement distributed energy projects.
Helps federal agencies, and the developers and financiers that work with them, to successfully install large-scale projects at federal facilities.